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Who we are

Since 1993 BayCrest's sole focus has been to access and create liquidity for institutional investors.

BayCrest’s approach is based on technology, quantitative analysis and insight on market structure. Our clients include asset managers, banks, pensions, insurance companies and single-family offices globally.

BayCrest combines decades of experience with the fresh energy of a technology firm, actively recruiting diverse talent and bridging the worlds of Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Founded in 1993
100+ Professionals
Offices in New York & Miami
One of the most active boutique broker-dealers in Equities & Fixed Income
$1+ Trillion securities notional value transacted & facilitated annually


With unique liquidity sourcing techniques in dark, lit, and block markets, BayCrest is among the top high-touch unconflicted agency brokers in the US by share volume and notional value.

Offering high-touch and high-tech quantitative solutions for our customers:

Access to 60+ venues including 40+ dark pools
12 Cash equity-focused sales and trading professionals
8 Delta One (“Equity Finance”) Traders
Clearing through Merrill Lynch
>$600 Billion Equity Notional Value Facilitated Annually
>7 Billion Shares of Global Equity Volume Facilitated in Cash & Derivatives Annually


One of the    Fastest Growing   Equity Derivative Platforms on Wall Street

18 Equity Derivative Traders
50+ Million Equity Options Contracts
Tailored Structuring Solutions
Exchange Connectivity
Differentiated Liquidity
1Annualized 2023 contract volumes
Spotlight on EEM & HYG
Initiated Contract Volume (RHS) and Marketshare (LHS)
*Market Share calculation is BayCrest initiated transactions on exchange over OCC cleared volumes in the ticker across participating exchanges

Fixed Income

For over a decade, BayCrest has offered a fully integrated platform covering a wide range of Securitized Products (SP) and other asset-based credit.

Our SP team brings deep fundamental credit expertise from the buy-side as well as proven sell-side experience, allowing us to identify consistent and attractive risk-adjusted return opportunities for our clients.

The firm recently expanded into the US Treasury & Futures market to better serve our customers and take advantage of cross selling opportunities.

Stressed & Distressed Credit is also a new endeavor that came about organically due to our outsized participation in the Credit ETF complex.

20+ Fixed Income Sales & Trading Professionals
>$1 Trillion Fixed Income Notional Executed/Year
>$2 Billion Below IG/HY Securities
Securitized Products: CMBS, RMBS, ABS, CLO
Rates: US Treasury & Futures, Agencies, Curve & Basis Trading
Corp Credit: Bank Loans, Re-org equity, Litigation Claims, HY Bonds

Private Placements

As a leading boutique placement agent, BayCrest Merchant has provided capital solutions and fundraising services to companies, alternative asset managers and some of the largest single-family offices globally.


Transactions Completed


Gross Proceeds Raised

Transaction Types

Equity: Directs, Co-Investments, Primaries
Structured Financings

Value-added & Differentiated

Non-exclusive engagements
Highly targeted distribution
Success-based fee structures

Representative Transactions (Since 2022)

Co-investment LP Equity

Participated in raising co-investment LP equity for the $135M LBO of a waste transportation business and its subsequent $78M bolt-on acquisition.

Structured Financing

Raised a $5M warehouse facility for an early-stage consumer fintech company, with an option to upsize to $15M.

Direct Equity

Participated in $400M+ of equity raises across the Series C, D, and E of a high-growth, U.S.-based aerospace and defense technology company.

Primary LP Equity

Participated in raising LP equity for a $150M growth equity fund focused on investing in energy transition technology companies.

Insights & Innovation


The Commuter - Talking Points for the Equity Options Market
TMT Insights
Macro Strategy
Insights & Innovation

Investing in Innovation: Unity


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Our Offices

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